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Saturday, June 04, 2011

The World in the Satin Bag Podcast -- Chapter Four (A Not So Far Away Place)

It's finally here.  My apologies for the lateness, but I had some issues with recording the episode (some of them my own fault).

In any case, I hope you enjoy:

Chapter Four -- Download (mp3)

Don't forget to check out what I've done to sweeten the pot for anyone who donates to the project.  I'm happy to see that three people have already donated.  I hope this keeps up.  Thanks to everyone who is supporting me on this!

(All podcast chapters will be listed on the Podcast page.)

P.S.:  I finally got the podcast uploaded to iTunes.  I'm waiting on approval.  Once that happens, you'll be able to subscribe there in the event that you prefer iTunes for your podcast listening.

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