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Sunday, June 05, 2011

WISB Podcast: First Milestone Reached!

Thank you all for your donations. As of today, I have crossed the first financial milestone for my project, which means that I will begin writing a new short story set in the world of the novel and post it here as soon as I can (next week at the earliest). I will also podcast the story and make it available in ePub and Kindle format (plus any other format you'd like).

Thanks again for donating and supporting my project. I really appreciate it. You all are awesome!

P.S.: Yes, indeed, those of you who have donated will be getting free stuff in the future. Some of you more than others, thanks to the donation tier I set up.

P.S.S.:  The donation that took me over the first hurdle was sent direct to my email, rather than through the Chip In thing.  I'm going to see if I can change the total so it reflects the increase.  Never mind.  It should clear up on its own in a day or so.

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