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Saturday, June 04, 2011

WISB Podcast: Sweetening the Pot (A Donation Tier and the Crazy Things I'll Do)

(Note:  All episodes of the podcast are listed here.  You can also see all posts related to the podcast on the page for the WISB Podcast tag.)

(Note 2: A number of folks on Twitter have suggested that I do a video of me performing the Truffle Shuffle and Peanut Butter Jelly Time. In the interest of fairness, I have decided that should I reach my $1,000 funding goal by the 1st, I will perform both "dances" on video. That' right...both. If you want to see me embarrass myself, please donate and tell all your friends.)

One of the things that occurred to me while editing and podcasting The World in the Satin Bag is that there needs to be more interesting bits for you listeners.  I've been hanging the promise of an ebook on every episode, but that's a long way off.  Besides, why should you bother listening and donating now when you can buy the book later (or something like that).  With that in mind, I have decided to create a tiered donation system with incentives (i.e., "free" stuff -- similar to Kickstarter).

Why am I doing this?  Well, why not?  If I'm going to ask you for $1 or $10 or $100, I might as well give you a little more bang for your buck, right?  That's the way I see it, at least.  We'll see how it works out.

The way this tiered system will work is fairly simple:  if you donate up to the amount at a certain level, you get whatever that level offers (when the project is finished or sooner, depending on the item).  You don't have to donate all at once if you'd like to give a few dollars every episode.  I'll add everything up in the end anyway.  You also don't have to be constrained by the levels.  If you want to give me $2 instead of $1, then go for it.

Sounds simple, right?  Good.

Without further adieu, here are the tiers (stay tuned at the bottom, because I've thrown in something even more "crazy" to keep things interesting -- it will involve me and torture)(after the fold):

Your name in the acknowledgments (in the ebook and on my blog in the Podcasts section).  I will also link to your website (unless it's porn or something evil, like a KKK site or something).

The same as above, plus a free copy of the finished ebook.

The same as above, plus a personalized handwritten letter about my progress on WISB or any of my other writing you're curious about.  They will be weird letters full of random doodles and nonsense, but also some serious stuff.

The same as above, plus a paperback copy of the book.

The same as above, plus I will sign everything with my magic pen of magic-ness.

The same as above, plus I will include a personalized "thank you" in the various versions of the book, a print of the finished cover, a handwritten "thank you" letter, and I will create a place named after you and write up a  history of it (to be printed out and delivered to you and posted on my blog, with appropriate credit given to you).

The same as above, plus I will write a short story set in the same world as WISB which includes a character based on you.  There are no guarantees that said character will live...

The only thing I ask is that international folks throw in a little extra to create a buffer for shipping, particularly if you live in the middle of nowhere.  Sending books internationally can get a little costly.  If you could toss in an extra $5-$10, I'll love you forever.

I'll also throw in a free hug if you donate and we happen to meet at a convention, coffee shop, bookstore, or a family reunion on Nectotroporis 5.  These are replenishing hugs, which means you can get more than one.  That's good right?

But there's also one more thing I need to mention:
If I meet my $1,000 goal before the 1st of July, I will do something completely crazy or weird on video, which I'll leave to readers/listeners to suggest and decide by vote (the stipulation being that I will not do anything illegal, involving nudity, deadly, or really disgusting; beyond that, I'll do just about anything).

Don't forget that I'm also adding new fiction to the world (short stories, novelettes, etc.) for every $250 I receive.  Those stories will be available online, as ebooks, and as podcasts.

That's pretty much the end of the pot sweetening.  If you have suggestions of things you'd like to see added to the list, let me know and I'll consider them.  Everyone is looking for different kinds of perks, and I'm more than willing to indulge you as best I can.

P.S.:  If you've already donated and are wondering if you're eligible for the things listed above, then I have good news.  You are!  I'm counting all donations made so far as part of this tiered structure.  This means that the two people who have donated will actually get something out of me when all is said and done.  Congrats!

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