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(Note:  I would like to have a link list at the top to take you to the various sections, but Blogger is making that difficult.  For now, you'll have to scroll down through the sections:  Review Policy, Book Reviews, Comic/Magazine Reviews, TV Show Reviews, Movie Reviews, Reviews By Others, and Advertising Policy.)

Review Policy
Note: I am currently being incredibly selective about what I take for review due in part to a reduction in time for "fun reading" and "review reading." Publishers who already have a relationship with me are free to submit work and do not have to query.

Ebooks:  I own a B&N Nook and a Nook HD+.  This means that I am 100% open to electronic review copies in appropriate formats (ePub preferably, though PDF is fine too, provided it is formatted properly).

What kinds of fiction I will read:
  • Science Fiction (any form)
  • Fantasy (any form)
  • Young Adult (only science fiction or fantasy, or related styles--no general fiction please)
  • Romance (only stories that are speculative in nature--books by Luna would be an example)
  • Magical Realism (provided it leans more to the speculative/fantasy end rather than just being something a little odd--think The Steam Magnate by Dana Copithorne or works by Zoran Zivkovic)
  • Cross-genre (provided it is speculative in some way)
  • Horror (only supernatural, near-fantasy/sf type stuff; no slasher things like the movie Scream)
  • Urban Fantasy (just to clarify in case someone makes a distinction between standard fantasy and urban)
  • Nonfiction (science, history, guides, etc. provided it has some use to writers or readers of genre--science books work really well in this category as well as fun little guides and such)
  • Children's literature (not Dr. Seuss, but older stuff such as chapter books and the like)
Who I will read from and the formats I will read in:
  • Advanced copies, printed manuscripts provided they are being published by a publisher, or any other form of unfinished work that has yet to be released to the market (please ask before you send anything electronically)
  • Small Presses (I would prefer these simply because they don't get enough exposure as it is)
  • Large Presses (I have nothing against them and I will read from them just as I will anything else)
  • Graphic Novels or artistic books related to genre. (I will make an exception here for graphic novels that are not genre, especially for manga)
  • Works in English (I only speak one language, so the work has to be in English)
  • Translated Works (as long as it follows everything else)
  • Hard copies (hardcovers, trade paperbacks, mass market paperbacks, and other sizes)
  • Electronic copies (ePub preferably, but PDF should work decently if it is properly formatted; do not query me about poorly formatted ebooks)
  • If you don't see something listed here or in the list below feel free to email me anyway if you think I might be interested in your work.
What kinds of fiction I won't read:
  • Anything outside of my typical reading genres (i.e.: works that are not speculative in nature, although you can query me if you think I might be interested anyway as I break this rule sometimes; non-fiction books are typically exempt from this).
  • Erotica (I will make an exception if your work has a particularly strong SF or F plotline that coincides with the dirtier stuff)
  • Hentai comics (sorry, this just isn't of interest to me and my audience really isn't for you anyway)
  • Books published by a press you invented to publish yourself
    This is the same thing as self-publishing and I do not support the deception of the consumer in order to make yourself look better. You either embrace self-publishing or you don't.  Yes, I do check.  I don't appreciate being misled, and it's quite likely that lying to me or misleading me or simply misrepresenting yourself to me will make me even less likely to take self-published work again.  You're hurting everybody by doing this.
  • Books that are only available on Amazon
    If I cannot buy it for my Nook in ePub or in print from a different bookstore, I will not review it.  Period.  Don't even bother querying.
  • Non-English Works (as I said above, I only speak one language)
Want to send me something?
Great! Please send an email to arconna[at]yahoo[dot]com and tell me what you'd like to send to me. If I am interested, I will give you my address. I don't want my address on here for obvious reasons (I get enough junk mail and have received one death threat already), but I would be happy to read your work.

Publishers, authors, editors, etc. may send me books. Just email me and I'd be happy to work with you.

Note: Publishers who already have a relationship with me do not have to query or send me an email to send me new work. You probably already know what I like, so send things as you see fit.

Comment Policy
Note:  I am currently testing out a no-moderation system to see how Blogger handles spammers, etc.

Comments are moderated on this blog for one primary reason:  I get a lot of spam, and I've become tired of all the clicking involved in trying to delete those comments.  As a general rule, your comment will be approved ASAP unless it involves the following:
  1. Spam
  2. Verbal Assault
Comments are rarely denied for the second reason, though I have had a weird Internet stalker sending insult-laden comments in recent months, none of which have appeared on the blog because they are not of value.  Basically, as long as you're reasonably civil, comment away.  You have to seriously cross a line before I will deny a comment.

Advertising Policy
Note:  Small presses should see this page to learn how to receive free advertising space on this blog.

If you are interested in advertising on WISB, please send me an email with information about your ad.  Note that not all ads will be accepted.

Types of ad space available:
--Text links
--125x125 square images
--Tall banners
--Anything between the sizes listed above.