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Saturday, June 01, 2013

Top 10 Blog Posts for May 2013

And once again, some oldies sprung up out of nowhere and took some spots from the new boys.  I don't know why these posts remain so popular, but so be it.

Here's the list:

10.  Shocking Revelations:  Pointing Out Racism Doesn't Mean You Hate White People
9.  Link of the Week:  Judith Butler Explained with Cats!
8.  The Black Guy is Ruining the Fantastic Four Reboot!
7.  Movie Review:  Star Trek (Why It Sucks and Why Abrams Needs to Stop)
6.  Top 10 Cats in Science Fiction and Fantasy
5.  The End of Good Writing:  The Damage of Twilight, Harry Potter, and Their Friends
4.  Shoot the WISB #02:  Star Trek Into Darkness (2013) Reviewed w/ Paul Weimer and Jay Garmon
3.  Silly Reader Questions:  Super Powers, Magic, Bathrooms, and Poetry
2.  Top 10 Most Ridiculous Moments in Science Fiction and Fantasy Film in the 90s
1.  Top 10 Overused Fantasy Cliches

I wonder which posts people actually enjoyed reading in May...

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