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Friday, June 10, 2011

WISB Podcast: Another Late Episode (I Have Jackasses For Neighbors)

I had hoped to have the episode up by now, but my upstairs neighbors have made editing and recording essentially impossible for the last four hours or so. I'm the kind of person who edits and writes when there is either complete silence, music, or so much noise that the sounds blend together (such as in a cafeteria). Sadly, my upstairs neighbors think it's amusing to stomp up and down and let their dog bark whenever it damn well pleases. I've been recording little bits between their noise, which, sadly, has been creeping into the recording. I gave up when it took me almost an hour to record three pages worth of material (that amounts to about eight minutes of audio). Even with my talent for screwing up simple words when speaking them out loud, this is a ridiculous amount of time to devote to recording something. As such, I gave up and will release the episode tomorrow afternoon.

What does this mean for WISB? I'm going to start recording episodes in the morning when my neighbors are supposed to be at work. I will also start leaving little presents on their door mat as a thank you for their wonderful asshole-ish behavior. Apparently having the cops enforce the city's noise ordinance once for a party that ran for five hours (until almost two in the morning) was not enough. I will get my revenge!

In any case, I apologize for the delay. I suspect a lot of you are behind on listening anyway, since I've been releasing the episodes every day since the 1st of June. This will give you a chance to play catchup (and donate $10).

Thanks for your patience and support.

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