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Sunday, September 26, 2010

Strange Keywords People Arrive Here Through

In the interest of humor, I present to you the oddest search terms/phrases that have led people to this blog at one point or another (with commentary):
  • how to clean satin bags
    (Because there is an overabundance of things related to satin bags on this blog; just look at my "Cleaning For Cross Dressers" label)
  • "craig herbertson"
    (I have no idea who this is)
  • i hate jk rowling
    (I've apparently become the dispenser of author hate here; I guess it makes sense, since I did say
  • scifi cat
    (At least it's scifi based...)
  • toodrunk satin blogspot
    (Maybe they were looking for "too drunk satin blogspot," or "toodrunk" is a word I'm simply unfamiliar with; I suspect it's drunkenese for "why am I drunk googling?")
  • "remember you're a one-ball"
    (I will, thank you.)
  • nirlum
    (Nak nak nulu bol ock ock to you too.  That's Ewok for "WTF?")
  • "verses on st. andrews"
    (Because nowhere is better to go for your Biblical learning than WISB)
  • intrigued by something
    (How deliciously vague...)
  • norp
    (Seriously, what's with the weird words?)
  • "i am afraid that we cannot keep"
    (How deliciously specific...)
  • "i now pronounce you someone else"
    (Well, thank you...)
  • "shaving my head" "locks of love"
    (I did something like that once; the next year, we were in two different wars...go figure)
  • "sniffed his armpit"
  • does sean astin have asthma?
    (I find it amusing that some people think he might have asthma because he played an asthmatic in a movie.  To which I say, "If he had asthma, he would have known how to use an inhaler correctly in The Goonies.  That is all.)
  • explain obsessions
  • explain the laser technology?
    (No.  Read a book.)
  • felt crippled
    (I'm sorry...I really can't help you with that.)
  • gerbil food list
    (Because clearly you have something against hamsters...)
  • limitations of primates
    (They have none.  They are our masters.  Bow before the ape king!)
There are many more, but I think that'll tide you over for the evening.

What is the weirdest search term you've ever seen as a referral on your blog or website?  Let me know in the comments.

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  1. Anonymous11:50 PM

    I enjoyed norp.

  2. I got a lot of people looking for the ending of this novel or that novel. Which doesn't make sense to me. If they don't want to read the ending, then why bother to read at all? Find some other hobby and let your brain go to mush.

  3. mrfusspot: But what is "norp?"

    Tia: Oh, I get things like that too, but I figured it would be boring to point to all the keywords that might seem reasonable in a way. Then again, maybe coming here looking for an explanation of the ending isn't reasonable...

  4. 'The world in the satin bag'

    Don't ask me why.

  5. Bernita Harris once had something with "medieval porn" in it and she still gets hits on that. I tried it and never got a hit.

    I don't get really strange hits, usually, but "sentence diagramming," "sentence diagramming tool," and "jungian archetypes" are pretty consistent ones.

    Just today, though, I got landed on from "is may the force be with you a wiccan phrase."