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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Book Magnet Entry #3: Null Pointer and Star Strikers by Ken McConnell

The third entry for my Book Magnet Project is in, and late (because of me). There's a story, though: I picked up the letter containing Mr. McConnell's magnet and bookmarks and put it into a book, where it remained for quite some time due to my mind deciding it didn't want to memorize where I had placed the stuff.

But, I found the magnet again, and the bookmarks, and want to tell you all about this very interesting set of books by Ken McConnell!

So, let's start with this first:
Description of Null Pointer:
The man in the cubicle beside him was dead. The police say it was a heart attack, but programmer Joshua Jones knows better. A message he found in the dead man’s code points to a psychotic hacker who can strike through the internet, leaving no trace. Relying on the advice from his tech savvy friends, Joshua must solve the mystery of who the killer is before becoming the killer’s next victim.
It sounds interesting, right? The author was worried that it might not be specfic-y enough, but a story about a hacker that kills people through the Internet? That's pretty damn specfic-y to me!

You can find Null Pointer on or in the various other formats and locations listed here (you might also be curious to know that the novel can be found for free on a blog and in various ebook formats, including the big boys). So, check it out! Might be a thrilling read for the cyberpunk enthusiast!
Description of Starstrikers:
Starstrikers is a military space opera that takes place during a thousand year war between two galactic civilizations. It captures the strategy of fleet admirals, the bravery of common spacers and the adventures of an elite special forces team as they all struggle against a powerful enemy war lord with devastating new technology.
The description leaves much to the imagination, but if you're into space opera, it might be the one for you!

The novel can be found on and loads of other places listed here (in print and digital format). It's also free in several formats available at the aforementioned link.

About the Author:
Ken McConnell is a writer of SF and Mystery novels and short stories. He works as a software tester and writes fiction in his spare time. He has maintained a blog about writing and technology since 1998. You can follow him on Twitter (user name: KenMcConnell).
You can find more information about Mr. McConnell and his fiction at his website.

There you have it folks! Feel free to check out Mr. McConnell's books and his website.


There you have it. If you have a promotional magnet for your sf/f (or related) book and want to take part in this project, send an email to arconna[at]yahoo[dot]com with the subject "Book Magnet Project." Help me cover my fridge!

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