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Monday, December 14, 2009

CSN Bookcases: An Upcoming Review

The fine folks over at CSN Bookcases have offered me a free bookcase/bookshelf for review and because that's quite generous (bookcases aren't exactly cheap), I wanted to let you all know a bit about the place.

CSN Bookcases is a subdivision of a much larger online furniture store (CSN Stores, who sell other things than furniture, by the way). They have dozens of brands at reasonable prices, sometimes cheaper than Walmart. They do sell some of their products through Walmart online, but I suspect shipping is extra at Walmart; most of what they sell through Walmart, however, are the cheap particle board shelves, so if you're looking for bookcases made of sturdier material, you really should check out CSN's online store, because they have a whole lot of nice things there. Alternatively, if you want the cheaper shelves, they are less costly at CSN's online store, since the shipping is included in the cost.

I will be reviewing this Ore 4 tier metal shelf. Why? Well, I wanted something that looked like it was made of sturdy material and something I could use for things other than books if I needed to. I'll likely use this shelf for books anyway, but the size of it is perfect for the space I want to put it in, and it isn't a particle board shelf, which I have plenty of as it is.

So, look for a review of the aforementioned shelf and more about CSN in the near future. I encourage everyone to check them out. With shipping essentially free, they're well worth browsing if you're in the market for new shelves (or a table, perhaps, since they have those too).

If anyone has had experiences with CSN, feel free to let me know in the comments. I'd love to hear what folks think about the place.

And that's that!

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