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Friday, October 30, 2009

Survival By Storytelling, Issue One for sale!

Well, I know you've all been waiting for this for quite a while, and it's finally here. Survival By Storytelling Magazine, Issue One is up for sale at Lulu for a mere $9.00 in print and $5.00 in electronic format! You can purchase it here.

The magazine will also be appearing on Createspace and Amazon in time, but the process for those two is different from Lulu, and longer, but you'll hear from me as soon as it happens. For now, you can get your copy of SBS from Lulu.

And in case you wanted to know why you should purchase the issue, here's some incentive:
--We have some amazing fiction and poetry from writers new and old, all twenty-five and under, many of them members of YWO (Diocletian, Mercy, Adri, Nyx, Tegzz, and Crocolyle, unless I'm missing anyone).
--We have an interview with author Paul Genesse (The Golden Cord and The Dragon Hunters; he has also written many short stories for collections published by DAW). He also wrote us a fine article about writing.
--There is also an article by author T. M. Hunter in here, author of Heroes Die Young.
--Every sale of SBS pays our authors. Since we pay by royalties, every sale is directly helping the contributors, and that's a good thing, right?
--Every sale also helps Young Writers Online, which is also good. Mostly the money goes to contributors, but YWO gets a little bit out of it too, and that goes to making sure we can have more contests in the future!
--It'll make you feel good inside. Trust me. SBS is like chocolate, only better.

So go out and get your copy now! As for the contributors: you'll be getting an email from me shortly in regards to free copies for you, which wasn't in the contract, but, hey, I feel that you deserve something for your patience. Plus, it's standard practice anyway!

Lastly, please advertise about SBS. I'll try to get some promotional images together, but if you could blog about us, that would be great. Spread the word and let everyone know what you think about the magazine!

Thanks to everyone who has been supportive of this endeavor over the last year+. It's been a lot of work and we're glad to be done, if not a little misty-eyed about it. Thanks to all who contributed, and here's to a good opening run!

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  1. Congratulations on getting all that together! =)

    Best of luck with it, and lemme know when we're rich. ;)

    You really should put the cover in the post ;)

  2. My're right! *does just that*

  3. What a beautiful cover!

    I just realized that I'm probably not qualified to enter the Xmas contest, considering my considerable lack of participation. So I'll just buy a copy, non?

  4. Unfortunately, if you've not been very active lately, I don't know if you'd qualify. You are a major member, but still.

    However, buying a copy is an excellent idea and we'd thank you endlessly for it! Thanks :)

  5. Congrats! And I am looking forward to receiving my copy in the mail to help support the great efforts.

  6. TruGenius: Thanks! I hope you enjoy it. Feel free to write a review and let us know what you think!