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Friday, August 08, 2008

World Building Month

Apparently August is World Building Month. I suppose this is because NaNo is coming, and I'm quite excited to take part in this, even if I don't take part in NaNo. I've decided to participate, even though I am late. So, what world am I going to build?
Well, I've been thinking about this quite a lot since yesterday and I've decided that I'd like to start building up the world where some of my short stories are set, mostly because there was never a connection between them before. There are currently two stories set in what will be a new fantasy world: "The Beautiful Are Not Far Away" and "The Gnomes of New Timberfax". There may be other stories, but right now that is it.
So, what is this world called? I don't really know at the moment. We'll just call it "Timbergnomelle" for now, because that at least encompasses all the stuff I have for it right now. I suspect it will be a rather large world and quirky. How quirky? I'm shooting for high fantasy, but with silliness tossed in the mix. Perhaps it will be a fully developed YA world or adult; I don't really know. At this point I just want to start worldbuilding and drawing maps. This will get me into the spirit of fantasy I think. I have three worlds as it is: Traea/WISB, which is partially finished as far as worldbuilding goes (some of Traea is missing and there is a second continent); the world of Mirland, which is where "Irlgem" is set and there is more to that world that I haven't divulged as of yet (and a short story I've yet to finish set in one of the kingdoms of that world), and then there's this world I'm going to be working on. WISB is the only world that has been developed enough for novel length work, and I made a lot of mistakes in creating that, initially at least. I don't want to make those mistakes this time, which is why I'm participating in World Building Month. I want to make sure I write things down before I start writing it. That's the smart thing to do (short stories really don't count as being extensive additions to the world, since they are relatively isolated from what might be the grander scheme of things).
So, that's what I'm going to be worldbuilding about.

As for some sort of order, I'm a bit lost. Should I follow some sort of world building list and simply go down the line? Or just haphazardly, jumping around at will? What do you think will make for more interesting blog posts?

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