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Friday, February 15, 2008

Where Do Your Characters Live? had this cool post a while back with cool images of where he lived and where one of his characters lived. So, I thought I'd do the same thing for WISB!

Possibly the most interesting thing about doing this post is that the little town where James and Laura are originally from doesn't actually exist. In fact, it's placed in an area where no town ever was, but next to a river that does exist and which shows up in the book by name. The little town of Woodton is actually in Montana. There are two images I created using Google for this.

The first is a wide shot showing where I currently live and where Woodton would be in comparison (click for bigger picture):The next last picture is a closeup shot of where Woodton actually would be if, by some stroke of luck, the little town actually existed:It was actually a lot of fun coming up with this last image. I actually had to find the river on Google that is mentioned in WISB (Stillwater R.), and then I had to trace that river until I could find a suitable place where a small town might actually exist, taking into account the elevations and the fact that there are already towns along that river. I'd never had to think about it before because Woodton was never a major setting, except in the beginning of the novel.

So, now you know where the characters are from. What about your characters?

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