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Friday, February 29, 2008

SF/F Links: February Roundup Part Two

(My apologies to anyone who was trying to get to the post via the "Read More". It wasn't working for some reason. Now it should be. Thanks for your patience.)

Alright, time for part two of this month's link roundup (click the read more):
And that's it!

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1 comment:

  1. Anonymous3:02 PM

    That tattoo display simultaneously amazes me and freaks me out.

    The link to the freezing video (amazing) just leads to her blog, you might want to make it a perma link.

    That world at night is SO COOL! You can see how regimented the US is compared to meandering Europe! And connecting settlements between places in Eastern Europe. Wow. Oooh! And the Nile! And Manchester, Liverpool, Sheffield and ... Birmingham? Make one of the biggest blobs on the map! Cooooooooool.

    If ice cream helps bees, I won't refuse to buy it. :D

    "I don't think Microsoft wants to get directly into retail, but it looks like these types of demonstrations are a way for it to get its brand in front of the public" HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Is there ANYONE in the Western world who hasn't had Microsoft shoved in their faces? They don't need to advertise.

    That disease map is EXACTLY what I told you the other week when we were arguing and you swore blind I was wrong. *rolleyes*

    Since when is Jurassic Park dystopian?! It's SF, and not very far-future SF at that. My library has it catalogued as Fantasy. Morons.

    ""It was really salty ... only a handful of known terrestrial organisms would have a ghost of a chance of surviving "

    That's crazy. That handful exists, and if the entire environment is really salty, the only things you're going to get living are those extremophiles! Gaaaaah. It's totally not beyond the realms of possibility.

    That triple asteroid link takes me an annoying kid.

    Don't hug the space station.

    I'd just like to take a moment to say you are disgustingly nationalistic. Viva la earth? Eat that China?

    I might punch that Jessup guy. Arse.

    That Redlines thing is something any idiot knows ... I read that list elsewhere years ago, only without the snotty tone.

    Microsoft surface looks interesting!

    SF 'pwns' Fantasy? The mere use of 'pwn' in that title makes me reject it. :)

    I so needed that ship picture when I was writing the Tipsy Whale!

    Wooooooow. DNA used to make processors! That is so very much beyond cool. Wow.

    Those nuclear pictures scare me. :S

    Ok I'm done making random comments.