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Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Official Notice of Nothing Whatsoever

Alright all, I've sat around arguing with myself for the past week and a half now about whether to jump to WP or not. SQT has given me some great advice on what I could do. As of this moment I am doing nothing whatsoever. I've searched the net for an easy template to fiddle with that has a built in top bar (which you apparently can have with Blogger and which I can actually create alternate blogger accounts to go with those links), but quite honestly, it's all a lot of work I'm not willing to do for a blog, at least not right now with my schedule and with all that is going on.
So I have some questions.
Is anyone really all that bothered with the layout now? Are there things you would like to see improved? These are serious questions. It won't hurt my feelings if you mention what you don't like. In fact, I would appreciate it if someone said something
One thing I was considering is using a 3 column version of this particular template, but at the same time I think such a template would be rather cluttered. Another thing I'm considering is trying to figure how to stretch the header bar and the section where all the post text shows up across the left side so it is somewhat larger. I don't know how to do that, but maybe someone else does. What about a different template that is a 3 column? Would 3 column with small left and right columns and a larger text section look okay? My hope is to at least make this blog look more original. I don't want to have a template a million other people have. So, what are you thoughts?

In other news the TW Anthology is technically coming to a close. I've accepted 3 fiction submissions--all rather good I think--and 5 poems--which were phenomenal poems to be honest and were instant acceptances without even an iota of thought. The deadline obviously is right around the corner. Yes, there is a possibility that I will be extending the deadline to a later date. However, this is pending what happens over this weekend, obviously.

I'm also currently reading Crystal Rain by Tobia Buckell and will finish that this weekend so I can get to Ragamuffin. I'll be doing all book reviews at SQT's review blog. I've done one review there already. It's for Spin State by Chris Moriarty. Check it out here! I will keep everyone informed of my reviews as they come available.

So, for now, that's it. More blog posts will come this weekend. I've got some links buried in my bookmarks to share. Also I have two chapters due of WISB to finish it out. Hopefully I can manage it.


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  1. I wish i was better at HTML and stuff, rather than just having a base knowledge lol.
    I feel the site is pretty nice considering how bad it could be, sometimes the buttons and widgets look a bit weird, but that tends to be because they are of vastly different sizes so you can't really do anything...well i guess you could like organize them in size or something...
    but anyway, overall i like the site. it is genuinely well set out, with nice quick links (despite them being in that wacky MS word style oragnization, so they are different sizes)
    no i don't think there is anything else. i guess you could try the three column template, i don't know how it would look until you tried it...and thats all!

    Good luck with all this.

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