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Saturday, June 30, 2007

Writing Factoid #2

Time for yet another Writing Factoid!

Question by Alex (referring to the last factoid about Leans)
--You say the lean cannot be killed by anything normally possessed by the people of Traea. This brings up two things. One, what COULD kill a lean? Aren't they just sort of spiritual shadows? So where would they go, and how could you kill them? And two, surely there are more leans, I mean the guard at the entrance to Ti'nagal seemed more worried of the ghostly thing then surprised by it being there.

Now, I realize that is a lot more than one question, but since they are all connected I'll address them all!
Yes, a Lean cannot be killed by anything normally possessed by the people of Traea. A Lean can only be killed by some form of magic that is capable of crossing over worlds. Meaning that in my world there are different levels of being. Leans lie on a spiritual level, and therefore can only be hurt by something at that level. In theory, the only thing that can hurt a Lean that would be remotely normal is another spiritual being of sorts.
Yes, they are basically spirits made entirely of shadow with tiny pinpoints of light for eyes. In theory, when one dies it is subject to the same laws and rules of the living. So it goes to the Halls of the Great Fathers for judgment.
Yes, there are more Leans. I can't say how many, but there are more. The guard was actually more concerned because Leans are not tremendously common. Generally all people are a little weary of the spiritual realm. Ghosts frighten us, and so for the same reason the guard was uneasy.

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