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Sunday, May 06, 2007

Note On the Map

I want to make a quick note to any that might be so deeply into WISB. The map itself is designed, on my part, in reverse of where everything actually is. West on the map is actually East. I designed the map not really thinking about direction, but more about the placement of things. I likely will change this in the story at some point--making Teirlin'pur sit on the east or something of that nature. Right now, though, the correct way to look at the map is in reverse. West is East. East is West.

Most likely I'll just talk to my cartographer and have him invert it.

Edit: I lied. I have gone through and fixed all the directions so the map is correct. It was actually less work than asking my cartographer to waste four hours trying to invert the map and make changes to the Aor River so it winds the correct way. So, really it doesn't change anything to the story. It just means some minor scenes have been changed. I'll be reposting all the changes. Don't worry, unless you're so into every minor detail of WISB it shouldn't even affect the story for you.

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1 comment:

  1. You liar. ;)

    Hey, I certainly hope I wasn't coming across as judgemental on my blog post. For your blog novel, sp may be your only route to see THAT book in print form since it's already been published online. (Something to do with first rights,etc.)

    And I wanted to let you know I caved and bought a PC laptop. And I love it. It's an Acer. (My first laptop was an Acer and I loved it, too.) Thanks for your earlier input on my Mac/PC dilemma.