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Friday, May 11, 2007

Brilliant Ideas From My Lax Brain

So, I was thinking over the last day and a half. This is a monumental event for me because I don't usually think. Of course I'm being entirely goofy, but regardless, I have an interesting thought.

I would like to throw up to anyone and everyone who reads my novel or anything related to my novel in progress, or anything at all about my writing, this nifty thing I'll title "You Ask / Writer Answer".
So, if the title isn't giving it away, here is what I thought of. Anyone at all can ask me just about any question about WISB or any other writing. Put it in a comment, throw me an email, and so long as I can answer it I will in a blog post. Obviously I can't tell you how the novel will end, or what will happen here or there, but I can give you details, talk about characters, inspiration, and most anything else.

So, ask away!

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