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Thursday, April 26, 2007

Writer: 9, Fate: 8

Per usual, I'm beating the pants off of Fate at the moment (well, not really, just barely winning), although that could change at any moment. First, before I explain why I got some points, I want to clarify a few things.
1) Yes, I am going to start up a critique group hopefully next month. It will be through CC and I think we'll have a cap of say 6 people. First priority goes to anyone who reads my blog that is interested (I.E. Andrew, etc.). Second priority is to anyone else that is interested and is SERIOUS about their writing. I don't care the age of the person, just so long as they actually take the art seriously.
2) I was tagged for a meme. I have not gotten around to do it just yet, but will this weekend. I am not ignoring the person who tagged me. Just wanted to make sure that is known. I'm just behind!

Now, for my weekend. My three points come from the following:First, I've been fortunate to get about 80% of all my college costs PAID through free government money. This means I won't have nearly as much in student loans as I had originally thought and that means I won't be in debt for too long after I get my BA and my MA.
Second, I managed to finish my submission to Swords & Sorceresses 22 and Chapter 16 by some manner of luck. And managed to submit said piece to Realms of Fantasy as it was rejected (which is part of fate's points).
Third, I finished my fourth Spanish test tonight and think I did rather well and likely will ace the class and managed to rewrite my essay for my scifi lit. class and hopefully will get an A on that.

No for Fate:
First, my story to S&S 22 was rejected and rather quickly. I'm not sure if that just means their response time is exceptionally fast, or if my story really wasn't what they were looking for (I don't think it's all that bad a story. I like it personally).
Second, I was unable to finish writing and editing my submission for Machine of Death and now need to finish it this weekend, assuming submissions remain open. Long piece, but hopefully a good one that follows the premise of the Anth.
Third, I just found out some rather annoying news. A while back I took a class called "Writing For Publication", which essentially was a class where everyone banded together to raise funds, write, etc. and publish a college sponsored Literary Journal. I submitted "A Tear For Humanity", which was a short story about a man who reminisces about the last days of his childhood before an alien invasion makes him a slave. I just found out that my story was actually cut off by about 8 pages...this means that over the last few years my story has probably befuddled people because it seems like it randomly stops. I'm rather pissed about this because I had thought it was all there. I never looked because I didn't think I had to...

More to come this weekend of course!

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