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Sunday, October 22, 2006

Writing, News, and Bunnies

Alright, so this weekend has been one of the most exciting of weekends ever *insert sarcasm here*
First off is a bit of info on my writing. Next weekend would normally be when I put up the next chapter, in this case it would be chapter four. Unfortunately, however, I will not be in town to edit or do anything of that sort to the chapter, and as such, will have to post the chapter the following weekend. Sorry, but that's just the way it has to be. I don't have a laptop to take the writing with me, otherwise I would surely get a lot more writing done. I can type far better than I can write by hand.
Also, as suggested by Mr. Bramage, I will be posting a hyperlink at the beginning of every chapter to the previous chapter so there is an easy way to reference back.

Now for news...
Well, to start the week off, I got sick on Monday with a cold. It got horribly worse Tuesday, then slightly better Wednesday. I had a concert on Wednesday as well which made things lovely cause I was sick. Thursday was much better and then Friday I was mostly okay with your usual leftovers of a cold, which I still have today.
Friday, however, decided to be the day of reckoning or something of that nature.
First, my girlfriend broke up with me, saying something about how she wasn't ready for a serious relationship, which just didn't seem quite right considering that was what she had said she wanted in the beginning and from where our relationship had been going it didn't seem to make much sense. Then to top it off, when I went over to my friend Sarah's house for my usual consoling time, we went out to dinner and then her car decided to rupture a hose and we had to get it towed back to her house. The following day was spent getting presents for my brother and then hanging out at my Mom's house for his party, which was perfectly fine except for the part where my Mom had to bring up the whole "where's your GF" thing. Uncomfortable? Yes, and irritating too. Luckily I had fun hanging out with my brother and his friends and was able to forget the events of Friday for at least a little while, or at least until I got home and was forced to remember after seeing the lovely pile of sheets I have yet to clean.

So, essentially, my weekend was rather crappy. My best friend basically secured himself in the position of asshole by being completely negative and unsupportive, and luckily my other best friend Sarah was able to compensate for his lack of friend-ish-ness.

But the good news is that I am still writing and things are still going well for this lovely story. So in two weeks I will have chapter four and all will be happy.

Also, I am planning to go to an open house for the University of San Francisco, a private Jesuit Catholic college. If I like the campus and such I can hopefully get accepted there and maybe get help paying for it, since it is expensive. They have a great MFA in Creative Writing program with dual teaching, which would be great because I can see myself teaching.

So, maybe something good will happen in the near future...

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