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Monday, September 18, 2006

Sweet sweet author-hood!

Well, that first chapter went up (it's the post right below this) and actually the one blogger I have been talking to that I had hoped would enjoy it, well, enjoyed it! I don't know who else has read it, though some friends said they would check it out, but there is something more fulfilling about having a fellow blogger say that they are hooked and want more. This is not to say that my friends are incapable of giving me honest opinions, but more that I think they would spare my feelings when being honest by saying something like "well it's not my cup of tea" or something to that nature. Don't get me wrong, if a friend says they love it, I will be happy and glad, just feels more powerful coming from someone I don't know who has no reason to lie or soften the blow. So, Mr. Bramage (his blog is here! ) likes the work and for that reason I am without a doubt going to continue this project. I had intended to keep it going, but only for at least a few chapters if nobody seemed to enjoy the work. So thanks Mr. Bramage for being so kind with your comment :). I appreciate it!

Okay, now on to other things. Scheduling. I know, having chapters up fast so you can read them as you would read a book would be absolutely awesome. Unfortunately, I'm like every other writer who hopes to someday be published and be recognized as one of the great scifi/fantasy writers of all times with a few Hugo's and Nebula's under my belt. This means, I have to have a job to support my passion, well, one of my passions (reptiles is my other passion). So, I'm going to promise this as a minimum: I will post one new chapter a month. That is what I promise to be consistent with. What I will try to do is post every other week (one week to write, one week to edit and then a post). I cannot guarantee I can keep up with that, but I will try my damndest and keep the world posted on the progress. Some chapters might turn out to be much long than anticipated, which would delay things. So for chapters such as the first chapter, I imagine I could get those up in two weeks. For really long chapters, three weeks, and if for some reason (such as during finals for college) I am so overwhelmed I will post once a month. Hopefully that is reasonable.

Now, for those that read my little blog novel, I'd like to ask for a few things. Comment! What do you like, what don't you like? Is there something maybe I glossed over that you would like to know more about? Am I not showing you the characters well enough? Those sorts of things. I want to know what you think! If you love it, say so, if not, say so. Honesty is a must here. My job on this blog is to entertain with my writing and I hope to do that for as long as I am able to.

So, off to class, off to more writing, off to a bright and enjoyable future as my crazy fantasy world builds and collapses within my slightly abnormal mind :).

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