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Saturday, February 26, 2011

Poll Results: If you had super powers, how would you use them?

The results are in and here's what you all had to say:

  • 25% said they would use their powers for good.
  • 66.7% said they would use their powers for neutral purposes.
  • 8.3% said they would use their powers for evil.
Now the big question is this:  when one says they will use their powers for neutral purposes, what exactly do they mean?  Will they save the world only if they have to, but otherwise use their powers to improve the mundane aspects of regular life?  Will they selectively choose when to use their powers publicly so as to avoid the morally ambiguous situations life might present?

For me, I know I'd use my powers very selectively.  Why?  Because despite what the folks at Big Hollywood would like me to think, we don't live in a world in which the lines between good and evil are always absolute or clear.  I'd have to be very careful how I used my powers, whether in my personal life or in the service of humanity, because to fall victim to propaganda or dogmatism would do very little to actually rid the world of evil.  In fact, I might actually become a part of the problem.

That's how I rationalize it.  How about you?

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