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Saturday, February 26, 2011

Dastroyanish: A New Boredom-Induced Fantasy Language

Things I do when I get bored:
  • Play stupid flash games on the Interwebs
  • Argue with people about literary conventions and subgenres, like New Weird or Scifi Strange
  • Invent languages on the spot.
Thus comes Dastroyanish, a new fantasy language with a current vocabulary of about fifteen words.  The funny thing about the language is how it all started:  I misspelled a word in another language and decided to roll with it.  The word?  Hola.  Thus comes "hoal," which obviously means "hello" in Dastroyanish.  There is also "anto," which means, more or less, goodbye.

Other phrases:
Nan. Van er teuopo. (No. Not a typo.)
Puesa er verd da "Hello" is-Dastroyanish. (It is a word for "Hello" in Dastroyanish.)
Puesa er langor ist minen mun-fantika. (It is a language for my fantasy world.)
Denen eser urprisen. (Don't be surprised.)
Ot: Puesa er langor nomen "Dastroyanish." (Or: it is a language named Dastroyanish.)
Anto, Bilbo. (Goodbye, Bilbo.)
Puesare er masr-corios, ect Bilbo. (He is a curious man, that Bilbo.)
Dormis-varm. (Sleep well?)
Whether I keep up with it is up to speculation at this point. Thus far, I'm having fun.

Now the big question is this:  have you ever invented a language under unusual circumstances or conditions?  Let me know in the comments!

The other big question:  where the heck does Dastroyanish come from?  I have no idea.

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