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Monday, August 16, 2010

Video Found: Exodus (Short Film)

Alexander Lehmann, who worked as a digital artist on District 9, has released a high-octane science fiction short film called "Exodus."  It features some amazing visuals, a fascinating concept, and a very unique musical score that also doubles as a sound effects track--think of Disney's Fantasia, but in the age of D&B, techno, and other electronic music forms.  If I had some sort of ridiculous star system, but for Awesome Points instead of stars, I'd give this four and a half Awesome Points.  But I don't have such a system, so you'll have to deal with me simply stating that this video is frakking awesome.

Here it is (after the fold):

EXODUS - Noisia & Mayhem ft. KRS One (Official Video) from Noisia Official on Vimeo.

I told you it was awesome, didn't I?

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  1. Ok yah, that was indeed, 4 1/2 stars of AWESOME!

  2. See? We agree on something for once :D