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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

New Poll: Would you read an ebook?

I'll announce the name for my fern this weekend, but for now, I have a new poll! So, if you'll come on to the site and cast your vote on the poll to the left, that would be awesome. The question is:
Would you read an ebook?
The choices are "yes," "no," and "maybe." Simple enough. If you want to leave a more detailed response, feel free to do so in the comments for this post.

Happy voting!

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  1. I voted "maybe". eBooks are still way, way too expensive. Also, I don't want to get trapped into a proprietary format. I don't actually know any of the details of what the Kindle or Nook are capable of but if I'm going to spend any money on an ebook I expect to be able to download books from wherever I like.

  2. Lynn: Thanks for the vote!

    I'm sort of with you. I likely wouldn't buy many eBooks, but I would get an eReader so I could read things like online magazines and what not in pdf form. I find reading on a computer incredibly distracting. It's too easy to pop on to the net and...yeah.

    And I agree with you about downloading from wherever you like. I take it you mean that in the sense that you can put the eBook on any device you own and don't have to purchase it for each device, yes?

  3. Anonymous5:11 PM

    I read eBooks all the time. Granted that's eBooks of the Project Gutenberg variety, but still.

  4. Well, that counts just as much as anything else :)

  5. I answered yes, because I do read eBooks. In fact my eReader came preloaded with 100 classics and it's prompting me to read and reread some really good stuff that otherwise wouldn't have popped up on my radar.

  6. Elfy: Well, that's a good thing. If they're making you read, then it's doing a service to mankind.