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Wednesday, May 05, 2010

New Poll: Help us pick a title for our podcast!

We need your help. Weirdside and I are making a podcast and we've managed to narrow it down to five titles. Each has its own charm and we'd like to get a little help from the interwebs on our final selection.

So, on the left sidebar you'll see a poll with five titles. Select the one you like the best (and leave a comment, if you so choose). First, some information about the podcast, to aid you in your voting:
  • The podcast will focus on science fiction and fantasy literature, with some discussion of film, controversial topics within or relevant to the SF/F community, debates, and maybe some discussion of writing. There will also be some comedy tossed in for good measure. We want the podcast to be part talk show and part humor bin. Whether we succeed is another question.
  • Each podcast will be about 30 minutes long. The object is to have fun for 30 minutes...for us and for listeners.
It might also help to know what some of the titles refer to (podcast is assumed to be in the title):
  • Stinkbeatles (this is the name of our little critique group)
  • Sciffy and Fanty (the nicknames of science fiction and fantasy)
  • Spellbots
  • Undersea Ninja Factory (because we're insane)
  • Subgeneric
So, help us choose!

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  1. Underwater Ninja Factory is my first choice, Sciffy and Fanty a close second.

  2. Thanks for the vote :D

  3. Just Some Guy11:44 AM

    Lemurian Astronauts

    It's fantasy and sci-fi and coherent.

  4. Underwater Ninja Factory!


  5. Thanks for the votes!