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Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Video Found: The Poetry of Reality (Symphony of Science)

I'm seriously reconsidering my career choice right now. Absolutely beautiful. Enjoy:

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  1. That gave me chills. I love the line about shining light in dark corners and the line about not being scared of not knowing.

    We used to joke about "doing science" in graduate anthropology classes. Anthropologists have tried so long to use scientific method for a pursuit that, while consisting of scientific components (radio carbon dating, palynology, geomorphology), still comes down to human interpretations of human interpretations.

    Oh to be a chemist.

  2. Are you talking cultural anthropology? There's certainly a lot to be said about physical anthropology in scientific terms.

  3. I'm mostly talking archaeology. I should have clarified. Cultural anth. at least has the luxury of seeing people in action. I would agree that, for the most part, physical anthropology involves fairly rigorous and repeatable scientific methods.

  4. Well, physical anthropology is, more or less, founded upon evolutionary principles anyway (with the exception of a handful of things, which aren't). You can't really talk about PA without talking about biology.

    Cultural anthro is fascinating stuff. And archaeology would be far more interesting for me if it was like an Indiana Jones movie!

  5. Amen to that! I'll take a whip and fedora over clipboards and little plastic baggies any day.