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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

The Haul of Books Volume Three

I have more books to show the world. The books in this post are part of the huge box my friend gave me while she was packing to move, and there should be two or so posts more of this stuff before I run out of the freebee books. Of course, with school already started I have plenty of other books to show you all, but that will come at another time. For now, here's this edition's haul:
First up are Starman by Sara Douglass and Broken Blade, King of Shadows, The Western King, and Kingmaker's Sword by Ann Marston. The latter group are apparently Scottish semi-fantasy, which sounds interesting to me!
And then there are March Upcountry by John Ringo and David Weber, Requiem For the Sun and Prophecy by Elizabeth Haydon, and The Woad to Wuin by Peter David. If you look closely in this picture you can actually see the edge of the box from whence these books came.
Thoughts on any of these books are certainly welcome!
Expect at some point in the relatively near future--once my last school book comes in from wherever it's coming from--there will be a collection of posts dedicated to my reading list for this quarter. I thought last quarter was bad, but this quarter is certainly kicking my butt. Twenty-eight books to be read in about ten weeks. You do the math...

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  1. Am I allowed to anti-recommend books, or do you have to read and review all of them anyway?

  2. These books aren't for review. They're just ones I've acquired.

  3. Okay, then. I anti-recommend the Rhapsody series. I only read them because I want one character to hook up with another, but it's clear to me now that it will never happen. And the character she has hooked up with sucks ... so much.

    But that's not the point. I'd suggest you read other stuff first, unless you really don't mind another perfect, beautiful, flawless character. On the other hand, it only gets obvious as the series progresses, so if you really have nothing to do, you can go ahead and read the first two, just so you can say you did.

    You could say it's another guilty pleasure, kind of like Eragon -- only with better fight scenes and hateful romance scenes.

  4. I will take that into consideration. Thanks!