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Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Top Posts For November

I decided I should start doing this until I can figure out a good way to put top posts on my blog. Here are the top ten posts for the month of November (for all the old folks and new folks out there):
  1. What If Dragons Were Real?
  2. The Terminator Movies: Why the Robots Lost...Badly
  3. Werewolves and Misconceptions About Science Fiction
  4. Ten SF Ideas/Concepts I Think Won't Come True
  5. SF/F Links: February Roundup Part Two
  6. Oh Sweet NASA
  7. Otherism: The Dissection of Humanity and the Human in Science Fiction Film
  8. eReaders: Comparison Study
  9. Top Ten Worst Science Fiction Shows
  10. Show Review: Sanctuary (the pilot episode)
So, feel free to check them out and leave a comment!

Oh, and I should note that these are based on traffic and include any and all posts I've ever made.


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