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Friday, October 31, 2008


Someone give me a powerful and elaborate reason why I should sign up for NaNo this year (being the first time I will have done it). And I don't mean a rampaging "NaNo is awezum, you muz do itz cuz it roxors" stuff. A good, valid, convincing reason for me to do it despite all the stuff I'm supposed to be doing otherwise.

Edit: For clarification, I'm asking readers to give me a reason to do NaNo. I haven't decided to do it. I think there's some confusion on that front.


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  1. Anonymous9:19 AM


    Well I feel loved now. Who has the power to persuade you where I don't?

  2. I'm more interested in what the reason is.

  3. I'm gonna say it's done for the fun, competition, and because you feel good about yourself afterwards... now you might already feel good about yourself, have a lot on your plate, and not want the competition... but it's still fun

  4. It's a good idea because it gives you that kick up the arse to finish whatever project you've had on the backburner and know you should finish. At least, that's why I do it.

  5. I really thought about doing it, guys, but I just don't have the time to give to it, unfortunately. The problem is that NaNo is always right in the middle of the school quarter, and for some reason I'm always taking loads of hard classes, and this year is no exception (I'm even applying to grad school, which ads loads to my work load as it is).

    I think maybe in future years. Or we can create the "off-season NaNo," which would be fine for me...