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Monday, September 01, 2008

Spectra Pulse Magazine?

I have a question for you all. Do you know anything about the Spectra Pulse Magazine? I was recently at Borderlands and discovered this free issue (the premiere issue for 2008 apparently) and decided to pick it up because it sounded interesting...and it was. In fact, I want to get more of it. It's really good, beautifully made, and I'm quite impressed. I've never heard of it before (I know it's in connection with the SF/F publishing imprint), but if this is a new regular print or something I'd like to be subscribed. It was that good.

Anyone know anything about it?

(Don't click the read more, there isn't any more after this!)

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  1. okay :P I know you probably already Googled it but in case not - it's been dubbed "the American Tolkien" ... here is they're Facebook page -

    Spectra Pulse

  2. Anonymous3:06 AM

    I didn't read the GRRM story. :(

  3. You'll be here over winter break, so I'll let you read it then.

    blondeswtp: thanks for the link. I knew of their facebook page, but I was hoping the magazine itself had one, but it doesn't seem so. I really hope they publish more. Heck, I'd love to write them an article...*hint* Anywho :P.

  4. hello

    I realize this post is over 3 years old but if you are still interested in getting a copy of Spectra Pulse, please email me and I'll send you a copy. We only did two issues. It was supposed to be ongoing, but there was all sorts of restructuring within Random House, and budgets got slashed. So no more Spectra Pulse. Anyway, if you are still interested, email me at
    I'm not going to be there much longer, so hurry!

  5. Sarah: An email is heading your way right this very moment.