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Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Progress Report

I finished my story on Mars, but now have to go through the process of editing. The problem is I went 204 words over the maximum wordcount for the contest, so I have to quite a bit I think. It's going to be a tough time of editing. I'll figure it out though, I'm sure. At least the story is written.

P.S.: I have no idea what the typo for 'trip' was...

(Don't click the read more, there isn't any more after this!)

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  1. Meldi4:40 AM

    Trip? I can't even figure out what that's a typo for ...

    Oh, and clicking through to email is too much effort, so: I'm not very well so I might not be online tonight. :( I'm all dizzy so I'm staying horizontal. I miss you. :(

  2. Grammar Goddess4:11 AM

    Aww you replaced the typo with a typo!

    How cute.



    I'll stop editing your blog now.

  3. The weird thing is that I know for a fact I didn't type quite two just added it in there...