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Saturday, February 01, 2014

Announcement: Comments Moderation Change

A while back, I changed my comments system to un-moderated w/o all the CAPTCHA and Google account requirements.  I did that as an experiment.  Overall, it's been a good one, as folks have been able to comment without much difficulty.  However, the spambots have become a little more persistent and "clever" in recent weeks, which means some spam comments are getting through the spam system.  This requires me to go into the comments area and manually mark them as spam (the email notifications only sometimes let me mark them as spam from there).

As such, I'm making a change to how I handle comments here.  As of now, all comments will be moderated.  CAPTCHA and other such requirements will remain off.

I can't imagine this will have any discernible impact here, as I tend to approve almost all messages anyway (unless you're super creepy or a jackass).  But this way, the spam will never get through.


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