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Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Updatery and An Interview w/ Me: Postmodernism, Comics, SF/F, Podcasting, and Larry Nolen

Two quick things for readers of this blog thing:

  1. I've not been active on the blog throughout much of November for one very simple reason:  this is the busiest month of the year for me, and more so because I've been working almost non-stop on exam materials throughout the month and the three months preceding it.  I'm getting a PhD, after all.

    I also have a lot of other stuff to deal with:  I'm grading a lot of papers (teaching three classes), I have three exams to write up and administer, and I'm teaching a bunch (four days a week).  Add all that in with holidays and so on and you've got a not-very-active Shaun person.  Granted, I've also been playing a bit of Starcraft 2 as a stress reliever, so...

    But there's one interesting thing going on, and that's this:
  2. Larry Nolen of OF Blog of the Fallen just posted a 5,500-word interview with me!  I think it will be of interest to readers of this blog, as Larry asked me questions about blogging, podcasting, comics, postermodernism, fandom, and much more.  I think it's a pretty darn good interview.  Feel free to read it and leave a comment over there.
And that's that!

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