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Sunday, March 24, 2013

RIP: Chinua Achebe (1930 - 2013)

If you haven't already heart, Chinua Achebe passed away last Thursday (March 21st).  While not a genre writer, Achebe various works have had a profound impact on English-language literature.  He is probably best known for Things Fall Apart, which appears from time to time on American high school English curriculum.  However, he also wrote four other novels, numerous short story and poetry collections, and a number of essays.  If you've never read anything by him before, I recommend you do.
My first introduction to his work was in a graduate-level course on African literature.  And, as per usual, the work in question was Things Fall Apart.  Since then, I've read short stories, poems, and other novels by Achebe.  Most of them I have enjoyed immensely.
He was a great writer, to say the least.  And he will be missed immensely.

You can read more about Achebe and his death here and here.

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