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Sunday, February 03, 2013

A Few Blog Changes

(Note:  There's a little request for input at the end.  I'd really appreciate your thoughts.)

Lately, I've found myself wanting to change how things are run on this site.  You'll have noticed that I wasn't an active blogger for the latter half of 2012, whereas the first month-ish of 2013 has shown the exact opposite.  Part of this had to do with a lack of time on my part, but it also stemmed from having nothing to say, or not having the will to put some thought into topics suggested to me.

I don't want the same thing to happen in 2013, which is why I start this thread on Google+ asking about scheduled columns and other blog-related things.  That thread gave me the push I need to make the following changes:

1) For the foreseeable future, the following will be regular, day-specific features on this blog (some will have proper titles; some will not):

  • Monday -- Retro Nostalgia (rethinking/re-examining classic genre films/TV -- Example) OR Movie Reviews (Example)
  • Tuesday -- Free Day (I can write about whatever I want)
  • Wednesday -- Exploring Genre Literature (in which I examine actual works of lit, new and old, in a similar fashion as this recent post on Myke Cole's Shadow Ops series) -- this needs a proper title, methinks.
  • Thursday -- Free Day (I can write about whatever I want)
  • Friday -- Adventures in Teaching (discussions about teaching genre lit, and related teaching topics -- Example)
  • Saturday -- Book Review Saturdays (Example)
  • Sunday -- Free Day (I can write about whatever I want)

Note:  Free Days are also days I will post non-weekly stuff, such as my "Adventures in...Cancer" stuff (see below).

2) Occasionally, I post short bits on little videos I've found or academic material I think you all might be interested in.  Those columns will continue to appear somewhat randomly throughout the year (Videos Found, Academic Spotlight, Promo Bits, Photo Bits, etc.).  I may also continue the Science My Science Fiction columns, although with a different thought process behind it.  Peggy Kolm already explores the intersections between science and science fiction with the kind of detail you'd expect of someone who focuses on that issue; I, therefore, need to find a very unique direction for that column.

3) I will continue to blog about my cancer experiences, though on a more regular schedule.  For now, I am making it an every-other-week feature, starting the week after next.

It is possible I will make more changes to this schedule in the future, either by moving things around, adding new columns, or something else (I've considered creating an interview series here, but I already review/interview so much at The Skiffy and Fanty Show that I'm not sure I can really put in the time for such a thing -- we'll see).

So that's that.  The game starts tomorrow (not "the" game, mind -- that's in about 4 hours...).

P.S.:  If anyone has better titles for these features, please let me know.  I'm terrible with titles... Likewise, if you have any thoughts, opinions, suggestions, etc., send an email to arconna[at]yahoo[dot]com or leave a comment.  You can suggest just about anything (posts you'd rather see, etc. etc. etc.).

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