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Saturday, June 02, 2012

Movie Review (Preliminary Thoughts): Snow White and the Huntsman

(These are my early "just got home from the movie" thoughts.  They do not represent my final verdict on the film, which will come when I've had time to let things stew.  That said, I don't expect my opinion to change terribly much over time, as they did for The Happening, which I would now give a 1/5 if I were to review it again.)

Here goes:

A super great awesome movie? No. A terrible film, a la Rotten Tomatoes critics? No.

There's a lot of really interesting twists in this movie. They take the basic concept of Snow White that we are familiar with (Disney's version, more or less) and completely flip it on its head. There are some unique plays on magic, the idea of balance in nature, and so on. In some ways, it reminds me of George Lucas' Willow, but with a noticeably less campy tone.

The film does suffer from lack of characterization for certain characters, a few pacing problems, and some icky cut scenes, but I absolutely loved how they tried to give us a look into the evil Queen (Theron) and her motivations. I even thought their attempt to make Snow White more than just some pretty chick who sings to birds and makes squirrels clean dishes and their attempt to challenge the traditional royalty marriage paradigm refreshing, even if they didn't quite succeed at what they set out to do. (Also: Kristin Stewart actually shows emotion in this movie. Twilight has definitely wasted her...)

So, it was a decent movie as far as fantasy flicks go and might be worth seeing as a matinee. My score after these early thoughts: 3.25/5 (not great, but far exceeded my expectations).

Anyone else seen it who wants to offer their thoughts?

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