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Friday, May 04, 2012

What I Did With Myself When I Saw the Avengers

Someone gave me a 24-hour challenge to create a costume for the 7:50 PM screening of Avengers tonight.  I did not disappoint.
To all those who stared at me like I was a freak:  look at my fist.  That is the size of the stick you've got jammed up your ass.  Retract it before you cause permanent damage.

That is all.

P.S.:  Expect a video in the next few days.  No, I will not tell you anything about it.

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  1. Anonymous9:55 AM

    I...I have no words.

  2. BWAHAHA!! That's awesome! Surely you weren't the only one in costume, though?

  3. Adam: That's because I'm that awesome.

    D.D.: Sadly, most people were only wearing themed shirts. One guy had cheap plastic Thor headgear. I was the only one that bothered going all out.