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Thursday, April 05, 2012

#NaPoWriMo Entry #4: "A Quiet Gap Builds"

Today's entry is one of those personal entries -- at least, it's related in some way to personal nonsense.  Read at your own risk.  (Note:  I will probably have some political nonsense tomorrow.  Just a warning...)

Here goes:

A quiet gap builds between the royal pair,
a prince and a prince
with imaginary titles
in an imaginary place.
A chasm, a canyon rising from a deaf sea
swirling expired blue.
The waves churn circles,
the count of the clouds
like shadow men traipsing
by with hands kneading air.

The royal pair sense the earth-born rift
in the murmur of a heartbeat,
but the prince known it only
by the flashbang terror tightening titan fingers
over his heart.

How might he let her see the emptiness
between their dreams
if she marks her knowledge
with a cat-trapped tongue?

The prince grips the air and fights the canyon
with bulldozers of hope:
          No more canyons.
          No more searching through rubble.
          An end to something no romantic poet could ever expose en total.
These he hopes for,
reaches out his whithered garden hands
to the faint sunbeam of his other side,
pleads with eyes swimming with twisty birds
in a free sky chirping contentment.

But she cannot see,
for the haze draws over her vision,
clouding her beloved
so that what she sees
is only a shadow
of the man she loves(ed).

He waits for the every-wizard potion
to burn through the cavern
like carrion birds in a graveyard,
to fill it with liquid sun,
make a new world from the ashes.
And he hopes only for the strength to hold on
long enough to find the world he used to know.

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  1. Anonymous9:13 PM

    More rhyming please. Enough with this post-modern freeform whatzahoozit. I want something in primus paoen dodecameter. Something challenging. Don't fail me Duke.

  2. I don't do rhyming poetry anymore. It's always forced and it never looks right. Every rhyme that is worth doing has been done by better poets before. So I don't do it anymore. Haven't read a rhyming poem that wasn't meant as a joke that was any good written post 1945.

  3. That last sentence was awful. Oh well.

  4. Anonymous10:34 PM

    Any all fantasy is Tolkeinrotica and nobody can make space porn anymore. Just because it's difficult doesn't mean it's not worth doing. In fact, that's the exact reason you should be rhyming.

  5. That still leaves me with the problem of not enjoying writing rhyme. I have to force myself to rhyme. It's not natural for me.