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Monday, December 19, 2011

SandF Episode 6.6 (Favoritism -- Our 2011 Besties) is Live!

I'll let the description on the episode page do the talking:

Our last non-interview, non-torture episode of the year is all about our favorite books, movies, TV shows, interviews, etc. for the 2011 year.  You can see our lists below, but you'll want to listen to hear our reasons. 
Plus:  we spend a little time saying thank you to everyone who listened and appeared on the show.  Why?  Because we love you.  Obviously.  Show us a little love back by leaving a response to the following questions: 
What books, movies, and TV shows were your favorites for 2011 (whether published this year or not)?  Which interviews, roundtables, and Torture Media episodes did you most enjoy? 
Head on over and take a listen!

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