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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

WISB Podcast: Triple My Embarrassment By Picking a Third Dance

I've already apologized for putting off a lot of things I promised.  One of those things was the dance(s) I said I'd do if I reached my funding goal (over a month ago).  Since I met that goal, I'm required to provide a video of me performing Peanut Butter Jelly Time and the Truffle Shuffle.  But then my laptop died, taking with it my webcam and my only method for making those videos...

That barrier has now been solved.  I went ahead and bought one from the store.  It's a pretty good one, too (for the money).  Which leads me to the point of this post:

In order to "pay you all back" for making you wait so extraordinarily long for an embarrassing video, I've decided to let you all select a third dance for me to do on camera.  It can be anything, so long as I can reasonably do it (or look funny trying) and it's not vulgar (sorry, I'm not taking my pants off or anything like that).

What would you have me do?

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  1. I'm partial to the Electric Slide.

  2. Well, one vote for the Electric Slide...