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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Life Update #1001093838199392: Computer Woes

Some things are going to be put on hold for a week.  Why?  Because my laptop decided it wanted to die yesterday, leaving some edited work unavailable to me on my other systems (I hadn't made a backup for all the work done over the weekend, which was quite stupid of me).  This means some things will have to wait:

  1. New audio chapters of The World in the Satin Bag
  2. A story I was working on for Bryan Thomas Schmidt's Space Battles anthology
  3. Other writing projects I was in the middle of (since the tech people have my external hard drive so they can save the data on the dead computer).
I am still able to write and what not, but the absence of a computer will make my life very difficult over the next few months, in part because I need a portable computing device for taking notes in my classes and what not.  Sadly, I do not make enough money to afford a new computer outright and every time I apply for credit, I get denied, despite the fact that far less responsible individuals who make the same as I do and have ten times the financial burdens are wandering around with five credit cards in their pockets.  I just want one...for a computer I plan to pay off in 6 months.

I apologize for all the personal posts as of late.  The last 5 days have been pretty much garbage, with the A/C and hot water heater breaking, the laptop dying, and the passing of Noodles.  It's not the most exciting vacation time I've ever had, that's for sure...

Maybe I need to do one of those "help Shaun get a new computer" donation drives.  But that seems enormously unfair.  So instead of that, you should all donate food to the homeless.

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