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Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Sensawunda Donation Drive: Help a Friend in Need

My friend Adam (who you all have probably heard enough about on this blog) is having some financial problems.  Like many Americans, he is having issues finding a job, which is particularly troublesome as a newlywed and a quasi-semi-not-really-graduated-college-student.  He and his wife need some financial help to pay off their overdue power bill, but rather than take your money and give you nothing but an Internet-thank-you for your trouble, Adam is offering up all kinds of free fiction, books, and other goodies (similar to what I'm still doing for WISB, but now w/o the financial necessity).

Adam's short fiction is really quite good, so if you've got a few bucks to spare, please head over to Adam's site and donate.

Who knows, maybe if someone agrees to cough up a goodly amount, Adam and I will write a story together involving you as a villain, with he and I as the exaggerated heroes.  It'll be like Arnold Schwarzenegger had a love affair with a bizarro story and Mary Poppins...a kind of weird fantasy/scifi/horror threeway.  Without protection...

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