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Saturday, June 11, 2011

WISB Podcast: Now on iTunes! Reviews Appreciated

I may have mentioned this on my Twitter account and certainly on the latest episodes of the podcast version of The World in the Satin Bag (and, of course, in the episode posts themselves).  But it seems to me that I should make a more official announcement about it on my blog.

As of this moment, The World in the Satin Bag Podcast is available on iTunes.  You can click that link or search for the podcast on iTunes (which is simple enough, I'm sure, since there can't be more than one podcast by the same name).  If you have enjoyed the novel thus far, please consider writing a review on my iTunes page.  The more happy for the show, the more exposure it might get, which is good, considering I'm trying to make sure I can pay rent next month!

And, as always, if you feel like letting me know you like the show, you can donate using the chip-in widget on my sidebar (which uses Paypal).  Check out the donation tier to see what you can get at various donation levels. The higher the donation, the more nifty stuff I'll give you, including really personal things, like bad drawings, amusing updates, and, if you're so inclined, a character based on you!

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