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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Impslapped: Coming to HBO Soon!

I lied.  This probably isn't coming to HBO.  But we can dream, right?  Peter Dinklage is bloody brilliant in Game of Thrones, so brilliant, in fact, that you could probably do a spin-off show for his character and still produce amazing content.  Can you imagine the witty banter?  I can.  I can indeed...

But perhaps what we really need to do is turn this into some kind of SF/F community version of "you got served."  Only it would be cool, because SF/F is much more fascinating than bad actors who happen to be good dancers.  And we could use it in amusing situations.  Let's think of some shall we?

For example, if someone tells you that fantasy is a silly genre that you shouldn't waste your time writing, you could immediately point out that J. K. Rowling has sold over 400 million copies of her books worldwide.  Impslapped!

Or you might get in an argument about whether the Enterprise D is more powerful than anything in the Star Wars universe.  You might show them this:


Those are just the ones I can think of on short notice.

When would you use this new buzzword?  Let me know in the comments, because I feel like having some fun!

(Thanks to The Wertzone for the discovery.)

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  1. I'd probably use Impslapped when telling you that I've already seen whatever link it is that you're sending me that's GOT-related. Even though it doesn't apply to this blog post. But I'll be using it for the next time.

    But! Keep sending me links, so I can learn new things! And even if you do get IMPSLAPPED you'll have to admit that it is awesome to be slapped by Tyrion! You too can feel like Joffrey!

  2. I would love to be slapped by Tyrion. It would make me very happy...