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Friday, January 21, 2011

New Poll: If you had super powers, how would you use them?

The new poll can be found on the left (third widget down).  It is divided into the following fun categories:

  • For good!
  • For neutral purposes!
  • For evil!
Detailed answers are much appreciated, of course, but since polls make it hard to do that, I decided to test your morality (in the poll) and give you an open comment thread (on this post) to discuss the correct use of super powers (in detail).  Have at it, folks!

As for me:  neutral all the way.  Why?  Because I definitely wouldn't save everyone.  Say what you will, but that's how I roll.

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  1. if I chose good, I'd be obligated to be nice all the time, and there's no way that would happen.

    If I chose evil, I'd get to wear a kick-ass black leather outfit, but people wouldn't like me, and those stilettos really look uncomfortable, so that wouldn't work well either.

    so I guess I'd have to go with nuetral, because then I could be nice when I felt like it, and evil when I felt like it. . . and it would all even out in the end to neutral. ;)

  2. You've thought this through :P.