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Saturday, September 11, 2010

New Poll: Which eReader do you think is the best on the market today?

I've put up another poll for you all to vote on.  This time around, I want to know which eReader you think is the best available on the market today.  The list includes the Nook, the Kindle 3, the Sony Reader, the iPad, the Cruz Reader, the Kobo, and the various mobile devices folks are using to read books (such as the iPhone).

All you need to do is come onto the main site and look for the poll on the sidebar to the left (it's the third box down).  Voting requires nothing more than two clicks.

So, come on over and vote!

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  1. I'm pretty happy with my nook, so I voted for it. I like that it is so expandable and not limited by buttons. I like it that it uses the ePub format natively. I like it that PDFs are readable upon it. And I like that it is based on Android, and I can jailbreak it if I want to.

  2. That's one of the things that has been pushing me toward the nook, along with the LendMe features, its attachment to a physical bookstore, and dozens of other things. It has a lot of really fantastic features.