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Saturday, August 14, 2010

A Quick Note About WISB: New Design Coming (Comments Welcome)

I wanted to let all of you know that over the next couple days (starting tomorrow), there will be a lot of changes happening on WISB. I'm updating the design, which will take a while to set up, since I'm not as HTML/CSS savvy as I would like to be. This means that some things might suddenly be broken on the site, you might see a post or two pop up with very little in them (as a test), and so on. The new design is not a huge difference from what I already have, but the HTML is different, things are getting moved off of the sidebars, and so on. There will also be fewer sidebars, new pages (with an actual navbar), an updated header image (kind of), and so on.

I should be done with most of the important tweaks by Monday. If not, then you can assume I broke something and spent Sunday night trying to fix it...

Thanks for your patience. If you want to see what the new design will be, you can see it here. I am still taking comments, criticisms, and suggestions, if you have them. If there's something you can't stand about the new design, please let me know.


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