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Monday, July 05, 2010

Video Found: Nosso Lar: The Astral City (Film Trailer)

I'm not sure how to describe this movie. It's a Brazilian film coming in September of this year that looks beautiful, seems to have a wonderful, heartwarming story, and a lot of deep questions about the human condition.'s fantasy (plus an adaptation of this). It looks amazing and I can't wait to see it.

See the trailer here (after the fold):

Thanks to SF Signal for the discovery!

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  1. Anonymous12:50 PM

    This book is amazing and the movie looks nice. But the most interesting thing is that this book was dictated by a disembodied spirit, that is, a dead person.
    The descriptions of the astral city is the first-hand experience of someone who was in fact there.

  2. Anon: Do you mean it is narrated by a character who is a disembodied spirit, or are you saying that the premise of the book is that it is told by someone who is a disembodied spirit...literally?

  3. The premise of the book is that it's literally written (well, dictated) by a spirit. It's all very new-agey, even though it was written decades ago.

  4. Anonymous8:27 AM

    No, it's really dictated by a dead person. The author is Chico Xavier, a famous medium who wrote more than 400 books dictated by spirits.
    He was a simple man, almost illiterate, he couldn't have written so sophisticated stories by himself.
    There is an interesting movie about his life, look at the trailler at

  5. Loopdilou: Ah, I see.

    Anonymous: Well, it's believed to have been dictated by a dead person, but I'm not one to believe in such things. It's a curious story, that's for sure.

  6. bobjim5:20 PM

    Try to read more about chico xavier. he is a amazing person ! i believe ...

  7. I probably will at some point in the future.

  8. Anonymous8:38 AM

    Soon everyone will have a chance to see this movie. It will be released on DVD in Dec. 2011, by Strand Releasing.

    The film is a fantastic production. Captivating and inspiring, it really gives viewers a glimpse into all the treasures of knowledge found in the amazing science and philosophy of Spiritism.

    Check out this quote from the introduction of the book, "Nosso Lar" ("Our Home") on which this movie is based:
    "In this very personal account, André Luiz reveals his identity as a medical doctor who practiced in southeastern Brazil in the first decades of the twentieth century, and who left his physical body a few years prior to the beginning of World War Two. A true skeptic at the time of his demise, he is initially shocked at the discovery that death is nothing more than a doorway to a new and richer life. As time progresses, however, he undergoes inevitable experiences and lessons in the spirit realm which lead him to a better understanding of life's meaning."

  9. Thanks for the info, Anon!