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Friday, June 18, 2010

Poll Results: What gender are you?

A huge thanks to all of you who participated in the poll. I appreciate it. Forty-five of you voted, which is a good chunk of the readers here. The results are as follows, with a few comments from me afterwards:
  • Female: 22 (48%)
  • Male: 17 (37%)
  • Other: 6 (13%)
Now, I'm going to assume that the six who say they identied as "Other" weren't messing around and actually do not identify as either gender. If that is so, then I find that very interesting, because I had no idea that any of my readership were from that community. Welcome to the site!

As for the rest: It seems that "Male" and "Female" are fairly close, with the ladies beating out the men by about 10%. I'm okay with that, but it is an interesting thing to consider, because I figured that I would be of significantly more interest to male readers than women. A silly assumption, obviously, but it just never occurred to me that my blog would be of interest to so many women. Don't get me wrong. I'm not complaining. I am quite happy about that, and it has taught me a valuable little lesson--don't make assumptions about how I might be perceived by others.

That said, I should note that the margin of error based on the population and sample size for the poll is about +/- 13.78%, so it's entirely possible that all of the figures above are completely meaningless in the grand scheme of things (I found out the margin of error here). The cool thing about the Internet is that it has taught me how large of a sample size I would need before the margin of error would be small enough to make polls like this produce accurate results (less than +/- 5%). That number? 200. I don't know if I'll ever get that many people to vote on a poll here so long as I'm around...

In any case, thanks again to everyone who volunteered their information, anonymous as it was. I appreciate it and hope you'll vote again in the future. More polls are certainly to come.


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  1. I did one of these on my blog, I put age as well (over or under forty, I thought that was the best yardstick). Unsurprisingly the majority are male (the subject matter is fantasy RPGs) but what surprised me was that the age majority was under forty. Perhaps a poll on age ranges next time might be an eye opener for you too.

  2. I'll consider that for the next poll. Right now I have one that is a little less personal and fun.

  3. The results surprise me, too. Maybe I'm sexist and out of touch, but I always thought that SFF attracted more male than female readers.

  4. Elfy: That's true of science fiction, but not necessarily of fantasy. There are a lot more writers and readers of fantasy who are female these days than you would expect, and that's partly because of the boom in urban fantasy titles.