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Monday, May 03, 2010

Top 7 James Bond Title Themes

I've been on a James Bond kick lately. I might even read the original novels and short stories. Who knows. For now, I'm mostly interested in the music ever since hearing Chris Cornell's "You Know My Name" from Casino Royale (as an single, rather than in the film itself). So, I thought I would put together a post of what I think are the seven best James Bond title themes ever. Feel free to send the MI6 after me if you disagree.

Here goes (list begins after the fold):

1. "Die Another Day" -- Madonna
If any song could prove that Madonna has still got it, then "Die Another Day" was that song. The use of techno beats, orchestra, and bizarre editing make for a really weird, but awesome listening experience.

2. "You Know My Name" -- Chris Cornell (from Casino Royale)
The new Bond films have actually been quite good, despite the mild controversy over choosing Daniel Craig to play 007. The new direction of the films also heralded a slightly new direction for the title themes. Chris Cornell's rather rough and rock-inspired tune is one of the best of the newer tunes (in the last 20 years of Bond films).

3. "To Live and Let Die" -- Paul McCartney
A classic and probably the one song most people associate immediately with the Bond franchise (or maybe that's just me). The song never gets old.

4. "From Russia With Love" -- Matt Monroe
Something about the lounge singer/Sinatra feel of this song always tickles me pink (or blue or whatever color is appropriate). It's smooth, enjoyable, and makes you want to sit back and get a drink.

5. "Goldfinger" -- Shirley Bassey
Bassey's vocals are rough and rugged, which fits the Bond franchise perfectly. Goldfinger is one of the more iconic Bond tunes, too. Listen for yourself.

6. "Goldeneye" -- Tina Turner
Who didn't love Tina Turner's rendition of "Goldeneye"? The Bond tunes seem to have a close relationship with divas, and Turner's belting vocals and attitude and the creepy and poignant lyrics made for a great opening to a revitalized Bond franchise (with Brosnan taking the helm).

7. "The World is Not Enough" -- Garbage
The overall feeling created by listening to Garbage's "The World is Not Enough" can only be described as chilling. The tone and pace create a kind of strange atmosphere. Too bad the film didn't quite live up to the song.

And there you have it. Hopefully I haven't committed blasphemy here...

What are your favorite Bond tunes? Let me know in the comments!

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  1. Anonymous9:00 PM

    Diamond's are Forever (also done by Bassey). I love that song.

  2. It's a decent song. I didn't think it could beat out the tunes on this list, though. Good, but not quite good enough.